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Science brain

No known cure.


Mmmm stem cell burger


I am a bit behind the curve on this but almost a week ago, the first (google funded) lab burger was consumed in London. Apparently is was a little dry.

True this tech is useful in reducing the immense planetary impact of meat production, but at what cost? When will governments openly discuss solutions to the exponential escalation in global population, an ascent that cannot be sustained ad infinitum, but when?

Oh Wally
Oh Wally

Not even Wally knows, and he has lived in a perpetually overpopulated 2D cosmos for as long as he can remember.

Children are clever, maybe they have then answer?

Ans hunger Games

And maybe not.

HENRY FOUNTAIN (2013, 5 Aug) A Lab-Grown Burger Gets a Taste Test. The NY Times.

EU science fail

Face palm EU. Pace palm.
Face palm EU.
Pace palm.

You may have already stubbled upon this gem. Its good Friday fodder.

So, not so long ago the EU had this great idea to promote women in science. As part of the outreach of this initiative a video was made. The zenith of said brainchild…

Honesty, the vid is funny as hell, but…

DISCLAIMER: This will be the worst 53 seconds of your life.

Get your cringe ready.

Click it!